GM Issues Further Warnings Over Bolt EV

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Yes, it still might catch fire and burn everything you care about.

GM is spending tons of money on going green and is pushing for some its brands to go all-electric by 2030. Cars such as the Cadillac Lyriq, Silverado 1500 Electric, GMC Hummer EV, and Chevrolet Bolt EV all have big sales potential, but as the manufacturing giant moves towards electrification, there are bound to be some snags. GM and Chevrolet's current headache sits with the little Bolt EV, which won't stop bursting into flames. After numerous incidents, Bolt EVs keep spontaneously combusting, and owners are getting fed up. In the latest spate of warnings, GM has told owners to park away from other vehicles in decks.

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GM on Wednesday recommended that Bolt EV owners who park in decked parking should move to the top floor, or on an open level "at least 50 feet away from other vehicles". That sounds very reassuring. According to a company spokesperson, "the precaution would reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the rare event of a potential fire." This warning comes after GM had previously told owners to park their vehicles outdoors, and to not charge them overnight or while unattended. GM had to recall over 140,000 vehicles at a cost nearing $2 billion for faulty battery modules.

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The recall and fire hazard has also affected production at GM's Orion assembly plant, with production only returning to full capacity at the end of September due to a shortage of battery packs (and maybe the fact that its cars are literally exploding into great balls of fire). GM will be looking at getting some money back from LG Chem for this disastrous scenario, but it is unlikely that money will be able to repair the damage the brand has faced thus far. GM has ceased production and sales of the Bolt EV until it is sure that the recall and ensuing fix has cured the problem.

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