GM Issues Recall For Two Of Its Most Awesome Roadsters Ever


Why can't the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice just live in peace?!

When people think of symbols of "old GM," not so nice images may come to mind. Those who view the glass half full may choose to think of some of the company's more awesome pre-bankruptcy models, like the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice. Both of those cars have a special place in our hearts. We said the Sky was the best Saturn on the used market and called the Solstice a future collectible. If you heeded our advice and bought a Sky or Solstice you might want to check if your car is subject to a recently announced recall.

GM is recalling 91,000 MY 2007-2010 Skies (is that the proper way to pluralize Sky?) and MY 2006-2010 Solstices for potentially damaged passenger airbag sensors. According to CarComplaints the sensor is in the form of a mat that sits under the passenger seat. It is supposed to detect the weight difference between a child and adult. If the sensor deems the seat's occupant to be a child then the airbag will not go off in the event of a crash. The problem is that the sensor can bend over time, with damage done to its conductor. If this happens then the Sky/Solstice will get an error code deeming the sensor as faulty which will prevent the airbag from going off in a crash.

The good news is that a warning light saying "Service Airbag" will be activated in the event the sensor is damaged, as will the airbag warning light. A small chime will also sound. The bad news is that GM doesn't currently have a fix for the problem. There is also no timeline for when the recall will commence. For now you might want to hold off on buying a Sky or Solstice. Wait, scratch that. Don't wait to snatch up one of these all-American roadsters. Just make sure you don't have anyone sit in the passenger seat and you'll be OK. Sky and Solstice side-by-side photos via


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