GM Just Found The Dumbest Reason Ever To Issue A Fire Risk Recall

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Seriously, these things can catch on fire?!

GM is once again issuing another fire-related recall for its cars. The last one happened a few months ago and involved the Hummer H3. This one is much more limited in scope but a million times more ridiculous. A total of 31,685 Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia SUVS are being recalled because they have faulty…wiper blades. Apparently the front wiper motors can overheat and catch fire. Only 6,400 of the 31,685 cars have been delivered to motorists so it's not all bad.

Still, it's horribly ironic that the cause of the fire would be a tool designed to combat rain. There don't appear to be any instances of wiper blades starting fires (that's just a photo of a random Traverse that burned) and GM has already notified customers with affected SUVs about the issue.

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