GM Might, Just Might, Be Launching An EV That's Actually Sexy

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You know, something like a Cadillac ELR, only people will actually buy it.

In light of GM's recent announcement to drop internal combustion and electrify its entire lineup, the more near term plan is to launch some 20 new battery-electric cars by 2023. Two of them will debut within just the next 18 months. Quite a tall order, we know. GM is, not surprisingly, making quite a big deal about its plan, having just released a teaser image, complete with the current Bolt EV parked up front, of several cars covered by sheets. It's fair to assume those hidden models are future EVs.

But GM Authority took a closer look and noticed something about one of them: it doesn't have a tall roof or long wheelbase. What it does have is a long hood and a defined rear wheel arch. Could this be an EV sports coupe? You know, something sexy, unlike the frumpy-looking Bolt. If you recall, an EV enthusiast created a fake website and fake Chevrolet EV (pictured in this article) over a year ago after being disappointed with the Bolt's design. Everything is pure speculation at this point, but GM Authority further noted, and we're also seeing the same thing, the covered car/coupe in question looks somewhat like the current Camaro. Long hood? Check. Sloping roofline? You betcha. Muscular rear fenders? Oh yeah.

Chevrolet has already ruled out, at least for the time being, a hybrid Camaro. If it's not willing to give it a hybrid powertrain, stands to reason an all-out electrified one isn't happening just yet either. But what about, say, a new Cadillac coupe? Sort of an ELR redemption, so to speak. Look, anything's possible and all we're doing is speculating. But a new halo Caddie coupe done right, meaning not a reskinned previous generation Volt, does sound intriguing.

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