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GM Not Planning All-Electric Truck For At Least 20 Years

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Or at least one that's profitable.

Here's what we know: pickup trucks are immensely popular and profitable, and GM is planning to launch 20 new electric vehicles by 2023. Could an electric truck be part of that? Nope, and it won't be for years to come.

According to The Detroit Free Press, GM's vice president of global strategy, Mike Abelson, recently stated at the FT Future of the Car Summit USA in Detroit that "there will not be any AV/EV (autonomous/electric) pickups." Instead, gasoline-powered trucks, as well as cars, will continue to be the automaker's main source of revenue for at least the next two decades.

Does this mean an all-electric GM pickup truck could be up to 20 years away? Yes. Is GM at all concerned about Tesla's upcoming all-electric pickup truck? Hard to say, but the automaker certainly sounds confident enough with its existing truck strategy to avoid an electrified version for quite some time. GM has made it clear it wants to be a market leader in electric vehicles, just not in electric trucks, it seems.

In the meantime, GM is planning to increase production of the Chevy Bolt by 20 percent at its Orion Assembly Plant in order to meet increasing global demand. Since it was first launched back in December 2016, a total of 35,683 Bolts have been sold in the US.

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"We do believe we'll lead the industry in EVs sometime in the next decade or so," Abelson added. However, just because GM has no immediate plans for an all-electric truck doesn't necessarily mean a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant won't happen. Remember, Ford is planning to launch an F-150 hybrid fairly soon, and the never-ending truck war between GM, Ford, and Ram doesn't allow for any stragglers.

Alternatively, GM could be blindsided again by Tesla and its trucks. Who knows? Perhaps Americans will fall hard for Elon Musk's truck vision and its "crazy torque."