GM Planning Secret New Vehicle Tesla Doesn't Have

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Elon Musk must be wondering how he missed this idea.

Tesla deserves all the credit for establishing electric vehicles as daily drivers with more than sufficient range. Thanks to its battery technology and Supercharger network, Tesla made range anxiety a thing of the past. Along with the highly successful Tesla Model S and Model 3, the Cybertruck will be one of the first all-electric pickup trucks on the market, and certainly the most controversial with "Blade Runner" inspired exterior styling. However, there's an EV segment that Tesla has failed to see coming or simply didn't take seriously.

According to Reuters, General Motors is working on an all-electric van aimed specifically at business owners. America's largest automaker has not officially confirmed such a vehicle, though company sources have revealed the unnamed van has received the production green light. In all likelihood, the van, internally called BV1, will be a part of the 20 planned new all-electric vehicles GM intends to launch by 2023.

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These will also include the Chevy Bolt crossover, Cadillac Lyriq crossover, Cadillac Celestiq flagship sedan, and the GMC Hummer. GM is said to be working fast on the EV van project because it doesn't "want to leave the door open for Tesla" as was done with passenger cars. GM wants to sell these vans to delivery companies like UPS and FedEx with the ultimate goal of it becoming the predominant delivery vehicle in the same way the Tesla Model 3 has brought affordable EV luxury to consumers.

If all goes to plan, the van will begin production late next year. It will also likely share several components, including the automaker's new Ultium battery system, with future electric trucks. They'll even be built alongside each other at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.


At the moment, GM is deciding whether this EV van will be sold as a Chevy or GMC, both of which have served as van brands for years. Another possibility is the Maven brand. While Tesla doesn't appear to compete in the expected to be highly profitable EV delivery van segment, Ford will. Earlier this year, it announced plans for an electric version of the Transit van, due in 2022. Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, and FCA are all expected to jump into this segment sooner or later.

As for Tesla, it appears it has no interest. The Tesla Semi truck is a different type of vehicle entirely.

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Source Credits: Reuters

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