GM Previews Their Camaro Offerings For SEMA

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Chevrolet's Camaro offerings for this year's SEMA show.

SEMA and the Camaro have become inseparable. GM knows that, what with the huge number of modified Camaros turning up each year, bowtie devotees look to the Las Vegas show for inspiration and information about products for their tuning projects. GM will be bringing four of their own project Camaros this year, in order to highlight various personalization options which they offer. First, there will be two convertibles The Red Zone and Synergy.

These are primarily appearance packages, with the more thorough of the two being the SS-based Synergy. Next up is the 1LE Track Pack Concept. This is a performance package which focuses on adding lightness and improving handling. Lastly, there is the ZL1 Carbon Concept. This is, again, an appearance package, but being as it is for the ZL1, it's easier to get excited about it. The package shows off some of the carbon fiber which the ZL1 already had, and also finds new ways to make more of the car black. Not a big change, but black is a good color for the ZL1, and it hardly needs much help to look good anyway.

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