GM Pussed Out and Killed the '63 Corvette Grand Sport

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And now the $8M Vette only runs circles in a parking lot.

Blame old GM executives for the premature death of the Corvette Grand Sport. They simply didn't have the balls to have such a kick ass racing program. Back in 1962, famed Corvette chief engineer, Zora Arkus-Duntov, wanted to build a racing Corvette that could basically kick the Shelby Cobra's ass on the track. The plan was for 125 examples to be built, but in the end only five were produced. It raced for only a short time and still managed to win. But GM execs didn't want a racing program for whatever reason(s), and that was that.

Fortunately all five of those lightweight Grand Sports are still around and are valued as high as $8 million a pop. And now you can see one leave its museum surroundings and actually start up. It sounds glorious. Just skip to the 50 second mark to see it in action.

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