GM's Largest Sedan- The 2010 Cadillac DTS

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The 2010 Cadillac DTS really drives like something out of an earlier time. It has a gentle, floating ride, and cavernous back seats that are luxuries to some buyers. In reality, this huge, front-wheel drive sedan has little in common with most large luxury cars. Its spacious cabin and huge trunk, plus rear-seat climate and entertainment controls set it apart from the performance-oriented, rear-wheel drive cars most foreign manufacturers sell at this price.

The 2010 DTS is five inches longer than an Escalade, and two inches longer than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. It's also GM's widest car. The vehicle is huge, dominated by its Cadillac crest, and evokes the three-box look of old Caddies. Inside, the DTS can seat five easily. It also offers the largest truck in its class with so much space that it competes with SUVs. The cabin is filled with premium materials and easy to use gauges and buttons. The DTS is a piece of work that reminds us of the old-school Caddies.


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