GM's Newest Technology Will Save The Lives Of Children And Ruin The Lives Of Thieves


Other automakers should take note because all it took is two minor tweaks.

Believe it or not, but GM is a pioneer in the field of automotive safety technology and yes, we are taking the killer ignition systems into account with that statement. Evidence of this is that GM was one of the first automakers to offer a widespread in-car vehicle assistance program with On Star. It goes a lot further than simple roadside assistance too. On Star can be used to do anything from slowing a stolen vehicle that is being tailed by police to providing onboard diagnostics to an owner's smartphone.

It may not be something as revolutionary as the backup camera or pre collision warning system, but it helps make the driving and ownership experience a better one nonetheless. Now, GM is keen on launching a few more bits of tech that should make life easier and may even save a life or two. The life-saving technology will be featured in the 2017 GMC Acadia and is geared towards parents who've forgotten that they have children even though simply owning an Acadia should remind one of that. The system works by paying attention to use of the rear doors to guess if someone has entered the back seat. If an occupant is detected, the car will sound a warning when the car is turned off to remind parents to collect their children.

The system works a lot like the chime that reminds drivers that the headlights are still on. It sounds simple, but given that 37 child deaths happen per year as a result of being left in a hot car, this feature could prevent a few deaths from heatstroke as summer ramps up. The second piece of new technology will make its first appearance on the Cadillac CT6 and is nothing more than a surveillance system. The CT6 already has an army of parking cameras that help drivers park without striking curbs or other obstacles. All that GM's new system does is to turn on those cameras if the car senses someone getting too close. The footage is then stored on an SD card housed in the trunk for later entertainment or viewing by justice-seeking authorities.


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