GM Says The Cadillac Lyriq Will Get Very Few Changes For Production

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The new EV will stay very close to the show car.

Cadillac stunned the world and the motoring press last August with the unveiling of its new Lyriq electric SUV. Or wagon, or crossover, we're still not sure. It boasted a 300-mile range on a charge, a 33-inch LED screen that dwarfs the segment and a new "black crystal" grille. After seeing some prototypes and producing a render of what it might look like, pictured below, we talked to Cadillac to see how close we were. It turns out, pretty close.

The Lyriq, which will go on sale in early 2022 and will be priced less than expected, looks very much like the concept we've seen before. Most of the changes will remove the show car elements.


"The most significant/noticeable change to the exterior will be the side mirrors. The ones on the show car were camera based, which are not currently legal in the United States," said GM's Katie Minter. "A lot of the other features will look similar, if not exactly the same."

It will get a change in seating arrangement as the show car only had space for four.

"The biggest change is that it will have seating for five. As you may recall, the show car featured a 2+2 configuration," said Minter. "The same goes for the interior, the final look will be similar to the show car. The 33-inch advanced LED screen is a production feature. Beyond the design, we're really excited about the integration of technology in Lyriq to really enhance the experience for the driver and passengers, including the LED screen, AKG sound system and new road noise cancellation technology."

Lateral View Cadillac
Forward View Cadillac
Rear Angle View Cadillac
Side View Cadillac

Here Minter is talking about a new system "that takes active noise cancellation to the next level." It adds more microphones than previous systems, as well as accelerometers, which improve noise cancellation abilities. For instance, Cadillac engineers were able to target the frequency range of tire cavity noise for a quieter cabin.

We'd love to see some sort of cool, futuristic door handle technology, which is why we left the showpieces on, but we'll probably see something more conventional. Expect the grille to stay as well, as it leaves space for cameras and sensors. We're really wondering about those red taillight/reflectors on the upper rear sides. They look out of place to us, but we're guessing Cadillac has a plan for them too.

This will be a new era for Cadillac, and so far we like what we've seen. You should be able to spot all-electric Lyriq cruising around sometime early next year.

Dashboard Cadillac
Central Console Cadillac
Trunk Space Cadillac
Frontal Aspect Cadillac

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