GM To Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2025

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Five years earlier than its original target.

GM recently announced that it plans to source 100% renewable energy to power its US operations by 2025. GM's initial target was 2030, which means it's five years ahead of schedule. It's also 25 years ahead of the very first target set in 2016.

In doing so, it will avoid a massive one million metric tons of carbon emissions that would have been produced by the factories between 2025 and 2030.

In addition to the above, GM is also on schedule to become carbon neutral globally by 2040. So far, it has committed $35 billion towards producing 30 electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025. The Cadillac Lyriq is a prime example of the manufacturer's next-generation EV products. By 2035, it wants to eliminate all tailpipe emissions from light-duty vehicles.


GM plans to do so by concentrating its efforts in four key areas.

First, it wants to increase energy efficiency. It's a basic strategy, but it has netted GM the EPA Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award for the last ten years. The second strategy is to source renewable energy through direct investment, green tariffs, and power purchase agreements. The third pillar is storing renewable energy over medium and long terms to ensure there are no interruptions.

Finally, it wants to advocate for policy and create a business environment that enables markets to develop a resilient carbon-free power system.

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"We know climate action is a priority, and every company must push itself to decarbonize further and faster," said GM Chief Sustainability Officer Kristen Siemen. "That's what we are doing by aiming to achieve 100 percent renewable energy five years earlier in the US as we continue to advance on our commitment to lead an all-electric, carbon-neutral future."

To ensure it stays on track, GM also announced a collaboration with PJM Interconnection and TimberRock. The first is a regional transmission organization, while the latter is a company that can track real-time carbon emissions at GM's facilities.

TimberRock will provide GM with real-time reports, which will allow them to make decisions about energy consumption much faster. If, for example, it's using too much fossil fuel at any given time, it can tap into the stored renewable energy mentioned earlier.

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