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GM Trademarks the Name "Velite" for a Possible Rebadged Opel Convertible

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But this isn't the first time Buick has sought permission for the name.

Buick has been experiencing solid US sales over the past couple of years, especially since the launch of the Encore small crossover. To help keep this momentum going, GM is currently looking to introduce another model to the Buick lineup that'll very likely be a rebadged Opel, as is the case with a few existing models. According to a new report confirmed by GM Authority, GM has just filed a trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for the name "Velite."

This isn't the first time GM has applied for this specific trademark, doing so back in 2011. That application wasn't granted, so the automaker is trying again. If anyone recalls, "Velite" was the name of a 2004 Buick roadster concept that never made the production cut. So what is this new mystery Buick? Previous rumors have suggested that Buick would very much like to rebadge and somewhat restyle the Opel Cascada convertible. This latest Buick, if all goes to plan, will launch in the US next year.

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