GM Truck Buyers Are Spending Tons Of Cash On Accessories

Wanna take a guess how much?

American truck buyers are some of the most loyal customers out there, whether to a specific make/model or the pickup truck segment as a whole. And when there’s loyalty, there’s a greater chance those buyers will buy more stuff for their trucks. Stuff, as in accessories. We spoke with Chevrolet’s Director of Truck Marketing, Sandor Piszar, at Detroit last week and learned that accessorizing trucks is big business for the automaker. How much extra money are customers spending on GM truck accessories?

An average of $800 per buyer. Like Mopar accessories with Ram and Jeep products, GM’s accessories simply snap right in to all of its trucks. Buyers, simply put, are anxious to customize their new trucks and GM is more than happy to accommodate. For example, 40% of all Colorados are sold with accessories. In fact, Piszar stated that "Chevy is the fastest growing truck brand" at the moment, with general sales up by 27% and 13% for the Silverado alone.

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