GM Wants To Supercharge The Escalade, Yukon, Suburban And Tahoe

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Because America!

Just as the Royal Dutch Shell company announced that its oil outputs would start declining from here on out, GM is planning to supercharge some of its largest SUVs. Who needs the Amazon when you have a 600-horsepower Yukon right? The GM T1XX Platform plays host to SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, and massive Cadillac Escalade which are all powered by large capacity V8 engines that produce ample power, but we all know that they could always do with a bit more shove, and bite. This is America after all.

2021 GMC Yukon Lateral View GMC
2021 GMC Yukon Front View Driving GMC
2021 GMC Yukon Driving Back View GMC
2021 GMC Yukon Forward Vision GMC

According to Automobile's sources, GM will give its clients the option of supercharging new Tahoes, Suburbans, Yukons, and of course Escalades. This will be a dealer-installed option, which means all warranties will remain in place: a gearhead's dream. Final power outputs have not yet been set, but we can safely assume a figure in the 200 hp range for a total of around 600 bald eagles. This move begs the question: is there a market for high-octane, factory-approved SUVs, and does it make sense in a world that is dying from fossil fuel pollution? To most the answer will be yes, and who cares? A prime example is the Jeep Trackhawk, and Dodge Durango Hellcat, both of which have proven to be rather popular.

Front View Driving Cadillac
Rear Perspective Driving Cadillac
Side View Driving Cadillac
Driving Front Angle Cadillac

Legendary tuner and car builder John Hennessey, who has decades of experience in modifying GM engines had the following to say about GM's bold new move: "GM locked their SUV ECUs for the 2020-2021 6.2-liter V-8. We can't tune them, but we are able to upgrade 2020-2021 6.2-liter GM pickup trucks." This obviously gives GM a head start, as it will keep tuners out of the game as it launches its range of super SUVs. The increased power levels will obviously be accompanied by performance accessories such as larger brakes and tuned suspension, which means dollar signs for GM. This is a smart move on GM's part, but aftermarket tuners always find a way to play.

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2021 GMC Yukon Driving Back View
2021 GMC Yukon Front View Driving
2021 GMC Yukon Lateral View
2021 GMC Yukon Forward Vision
Front View Driving

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