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GM Will Fix Chevrolet Colorado ZR2s Experiencing Sudden Airbag Deployments

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As requested by affected owners, GM will pick up the tab.

Last September was when we first heard about the strange thing some Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 owners were experiencing: unexpected side curtain airbag deployments. Were those owners performing some serious off-roading maneuvers? Not according to them. They claim it was light off-roading and it soon became a pattern where occupants suddenly heard a loud pop, which turned out to be the side curtain airbag. Even OnStar immediately called the driver to make sure everyone was safe.

And as many are fully aware, replacing airbags is not typically cheap, and the affected Colorado ZR2 owners, in this case, wanted GM to pay their repair bills. GM did not immediately agree to do so, but nor did it say it wouldn't. And now, according to Autoblog, the automaker has confirmed it will fix the problem. A Chevrolet spokesperson told Autoblog the following:

"Today, we notified Chevrolet dealers of a customer-satisfaction initiative to recalibrate the thresholds for the roof-mounted side airbags for ZR2 owners. The updated calibration is available as of today, and will be installed free of charge the next time the customers take their ZR2 to a Chevrolet dealer."

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Chevrolet claims it has received a total of 11 reports from ZR2 owners whose roof-mounted side airbags suddenly deployed while off-roading. The automaker also confirmed it will reimburse owners for any repair costs associated with this issue "provided the event data was able to confirm the incident." Translation: Chevy will hack your truck to make sure you're telling the truth.

Autoblog also asked Chevy how the fix will work. Turns out engineers pulled data from affected owners and used that as a guide to make system changes. Those airbags are only meant to deploy via a predictive system, rather than impact sensors. In case you're wondering, side airbag deployments like these have not occurred in non-ZR2 Colorados.