GMC Denali Sales Are Soaring High

"The Denali customer is naturally attracted to the best in whatever they’re buying." - GMC's Marketing Director

The GMC Yukon Denali is really nothing more than a fancier and more expensive Chevrolet Tahoe. But once you add features like a hand-stitched interior and a magnetically controlled suspension system, that full-size SUV becomes something else entirely. Call it a fashion statement. According to a new report, not only has GM’s GMC brand been a continued success story, it’s now become the tenth-largest US car brand. Last year alone saw sales increase by nine percent.

However, at the heart of this GMC success is its sub-brand, Denali, which had a 20 percent sales increase last year. Amazingly, this happened without any major advertising. There haven’t been any commercials solely promoting Denali. And GM is laughing all the way to bank. For example, the current Chevy Tahoe has a starting price tag of just under $45,000. Its fancier cousin, the Yukon Denali, begins at almost $59k. The Yukon Denali XL starts at nearly $61k. GM claims the average Yukon Denali buyer is around 44 years old and is more affluent with an income of nearly $134k a year. What’s more, Denali has attracted those who might have chosen an import instead of a Tahoe, or even a base Yukon.

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