GMC Hummer EV Costs Over $100 To Charge At Public Station

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Don't buy a Hummer EV thinking it will save you some cash.

If you were hoping to purchase a GMC Hummer EV Pickup with the idea that your running costs would decrease, you might want to hold off on that decision for a moment. A video released by Youtuber Out Of Spec Reviews reveals that a full charge from 0-100% may cost in the region of $100 after being plugged in for two and a half hours.

Granted, this is a significant number, but remember that this EV truck has a battery capacity of 205 kWh. That's more than twice the size of the Standard Range battery (98 kWh) used in the Ford F-150 Lightning. The model featured in this video is the Edition 1, which means it comes standard with the 1,000 horsepower tri-motor setup and boasts a claimed range of 329 miles on a full charge.

A claimed curb weight of 9,063 lbs means that there is quite a bit to lug around.

Out Of Spec Reviews/YouTube Out Of Spec Reviews/YouTube

In the EV truck segment, there really is nothing to match up to the GMC Hummer EV as most feature battery packs closer to the 100 kWh capacity. Rivian is planning to sell its R1T with a 180 kWh pack, but there are no claimed specifications for this upcoming option yet.

Charging your EV Hummer at home would be significantly cheaper, however. Regardless, this latest development puts GMC Hummer EV ownership into perspective, particularly on longer cross-state trips.

The bold figures GMC claims are undoubtedly impressive, but they come at a cost. This further highlights the need for a smaller Hummer EV that caters to consumers wanting more accessible running costs.

Out Of Spec Reviews/YouTube

Despite the Hummer only having a 205 kWh energy capacity, the video presenter was billed for 224 kWh due to losses experienced while charging. The $102.31 fee, including taxes, can be reduced via various subscriptions or benefits, which can be accessed by those who may frequent public charging stations. The presenter also dives into what private charging may cost, and to everyone's surprise, you may only need about $16 if you happen to live in Colorado.

While certain EVs propose impressive cost-saving benefits, GMC Hummer EV ownership could cost more than an owner bargained for. A single taillight replacement may set you back by over $6,000, including labor if damaged, to give prospective buyers a better idea of what they might be getting into.

Out Of Spec Reviews/YouTube Out Of Spec Reviews/YouTube

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