GMC Hummer EV Has Taillights That Cost $6,100 To Replace

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Don't go thinking going aftermarket is an option either.

Earlier this week, an unfortunate story hit a GMC Hummer EV Facebook group.

In the private group, an owner claimed they were quoted a whopping $4,040 to replace the taillight on their car. Yes, the very same taillight GMC had to recall. While the recall was a software issue, the lights clearly won't be easy to replace if you suffer a hardware issue out of warranty.

The alleged quote was given to the owner without labor, meaning you're potentially looking at $8,000+ before labor. We called our local GMC dealer to verify, and the price given to us was $3,045.48 per light. So, it sounds like our Facebook friend may have a separate issue to raise with the dealer.

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This could be possible, as The Drive made the same phone call to yet another unspecified GMC dealer this week and was given the same figure. Put the two together, and Hummer EV owners are looking at a massive $6,100 in parts and labor. So, we set out to find a solution and were met with some rather disappointing results.

The Hummer EV is too new for a solution to this problem right now. OEM suppliers don't have parts on the market.

We found one website with some parts listed for the taillight assembly. Selecting add all to the cart brings a total of $6,946.66. That's supposing only the light is broken and not any of the surrounding bracketry. Clearly, going to the dealer would be cheaper.

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Save for some shared parts, all the Hummer-specific parts you'd need to fix up a taillight are at the dealer.

Right now, the Hummer isn't old enough yet. This is somewhat expected. Supposing you can get one at MSRP (you can't), the Hummer EV runs you $86,245. You're paying BMW money for a totally new car in its first model year. Parts will be expensive for some time. On top of that, these taillights have a lot going on.

As The Drive points out, the Hummer EV's lights have microcontrollers that handle everything from animations in the headlamps to how the lights flash under different circumstances. These were also the source of the recall we mentioned. For now, these lights will remain expensive until production catches up a little. We're sure the people spending six figures on these will have insurance for them anyway.

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