GMC Hummer EV Inspires New $4,000 Electric Bike

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Finally, a Hummer EV we can all afford.

To call the GMC Hummer EV Pickup a success would be an understatement. The marriage of chunky styling and electric power has caused a stir quite a stir, and even A-list celebrities want to be seen rolling around in one. This strong image has also resulted in a partnership with Call Of Dutyand now, the electric truck has even inspired an e-bike.

Recon Power Bikes has launched the new GMC Hummer EV All-Wheel Drive E-bike, a cutting-edge machine powered by twin 750-watt hub motors. Buyers have the option of the base 17 Ah battery or the larger 21 Ah version. Peak output is pegged at 2,400 watts.

Recon Power Bikes

This Hummer-inspired e-bike should prove massively capable - Recon is the market leader in e-bikes for law enforcement and even the military. Tackling a mountain pass or tough terrain should be a breeze, with selectable modes giving riders the best possible setup. Cruise mode sends power to the rear wheel, Traction sends it to the front and Adrenaline sends it to both wheels.

Even the front suspension is adjustable, allowing riders to dial in their preferred settings.

The company notes the battery should last up to four hours, which is more than enough for a spirited weekend excursion. Should you feel the need to hustle through your local biking trail, you'll be pleased to know the Hummer EV AWD E-bike boasts a top speed in excess of 28 mph.

Recon Power Bikes

Like the pickup truck from which it draws inspiration, the e-bike should prove tough and fend off any attacks from rocky paths and treacherous trails. The four-inch tires are puncture resistant and feature a molded in-liner for better protection. Four-piston hydraulic brakes should come in handy if you find yourself enjoying that 28 mph top speed a bit too much.

"The Recon Team is thrilled to be the officially licensed partner producing the GMC Hummer EV AWD E-bike. We are honored to partner with GMC on this unique world-class AWD E-bike that parallels Hummer's unrivaled reputation as the leader in EV off-road adventure," said Recon president, Jeff Fuze.

Recon Power Bikes Recon Power Bikes

In terms of style, the e-bike proudly wears the Hummer brand name on its down tube, while the "HEV" logo can be seen on the top tube. There's no doubt that adventurous Hummer EV owners would love to own a matching e-bike, so the companies are making it easier for customers to get their hands on one.

The electric bike will be made available at your local GMC dealer or, alternatively, you can purchase yours online. You best have deep pockets, though, as the GMC Hummer EV AWD e-bike costs $3,999. While that's a steep figure for the average American, wealthy Hummer EV owners won't think twice about getting the matching bike.

However, it looks like a veritable bargain when compared to Porsche's e-bike, which retails for an eye-watering $9,500.

Recon Power Bikes Recon Power Bikes

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