GMC Now Asking Dealers If They Want A Jeep Wrangler Rival


Um, yeah.

Over the past few months we've been hearing rumors regarding the possibility of GMC building a Jeep Wrangler rival. Considering the Wrangler really has no direct rival, GMC believes this segment could be quite profitable if done right. That last bit there is key, and according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, GMC is now asking its dealerships for their opinion on the matter. Basically, GM is keen to differentiate the GMC brand even further from Chevrolet.


At the same time, it doesn't want the top-end GMC Yukon Denali trim to interfere with Cadillac sales. The answer is to introduce brand-unique models and a Wrangler fighter is at the top of the list. Now that Hummer is a thing of the past, and with gasoline prices currently (but not permanently) cheap, this new off-roader could be the ideal solution. At this point it pretty much boils down to what dealers believe their customers want.

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