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GMC Offering Big Discounts On 2018 Sierra 1500

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You do need to meet some criteria to take advantage of it though.

Having been fully redesigned for 2019, the revitalized GMC Sierra has proven to be an accomplished competitor in its segment, but not everyone wants the very latest tech and the old truck has plenty of life in it yet.

Shoppers still keen on the 2018 models may be interested to hear that GMC is offering nationwide discounts on select Sierra 1500 Crew Cab models with savings of up to $11,026. That is a big chunk of change but there are a few stipulations that might exclude some potential shoppers from taking up the deal.

Firstly, the offer is only available to current owners/lessees of GM vehicles. This will clearly limit any conquest sales from other manufacturers but perhaps GM is more interested in keeping its existing customers from moving elsewhere.

The second proviso is that the 1500 Crew Cab models the offer applies to have to be in dealer stock, and lastly, you will need to finance the truck through GM financial.

That does narrow down the potential target market but if you do qualify then the savings are rather substantial. An example GMC gives is for the Sierra Denali 1500 4WD Crew Cab with Ultimate Package. For that particular model, its offering a $4,026 price reduction plus a $750 option package discount as well as a $6,250 purchase allowance which amounts to a total value of $11,026.

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The same offer on a 1500 4WD Crew Cab with SLT Premium Package nets a saving of $10,687. Of course, the vehicle you want must already be in stock to qualify so you may not find your exact specification. Buyers must take delivery by April 1 and the offer is not available in conjunction with other special finance or lease deals.