GMC Shows Off Hummer EV's Super-Lifted Extract Mode

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More ground clearance than any Raptor, TRX, Wrangler or Rivian.

The new 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup boasts some incredible technology to make it a seriously credible off-roader. Some of these high-tech features include Crab Walk and an Extreme Off-Road Package that adds heavy-duty skid plates, underbody cameras, and more. The Hummer already quite capable on a trail, but it's about to become even better at overcoming obstacles with an Extract Mode update coming in the next few weeks.

As a reminder, Extract Mode raises the Hummer's adaptive air suspension to its highest setting. This gives the Hummer a whopping 15.9 inches of ground clearance, compared to 11.9 in Raised Mode and 10.1 in Normal Mode. For comparison, 15.9 inches is more clearance than a Ford F-150 or Bronco Raptor, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, Ram TRX, Rivian R1T, or the upcoming Mercedes G63 Squared.


"Our goal was to push the boundaries of what an electric vehicle is capable of and to develop real, usable features that will allow customers to take off-roading to the next-level," said Aaron Pfau, GMC Hummer EV lead development engineer. "The development of the GMC Hummer EV was a blank slate that was filled out by dedicated team of engineers who are hardcore off-road enthusiasts. Adding an innovative feature like Extract Mode results in an off-road vehicle that has incredible ground-clearance and capability that will take you to new places."

Owners who have taken delivery of their Edition 1 Pickup will receive this feature through a free software update. Extract Mode raises the Hummer EV by nearly six inches from Normal Mode, allowing owners to get around almost any obstacle.

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2022 GMC Hummer Dashboard GMC

GMC says Extract Mode brings the water-fording depth to 32 inches, approach angle to 49.7 degrees, departure angle to 38.4 degrees and breakover angle to 32.2 degrees. These are sizable improvements of 8.2 degrees, 6.8 degrees, and 9.9 degrees, respectively compared to the Normal Mode. Combined with the Hummer's other off-road goodies, not much will stop this electric truck... until it runs out of electricity.

GMC / YouTube
GMC / YouTube

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