GMC Stops Hummer EV Reservations As Demand Soars

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Demand is outstripping supply.

The GMC Hummer EV is shaping up to be one of the brand's most important vehicles in a long time, and the car-buying public can't wait to get their hands on the new all-electric model. The new Hummer EV is nothing like its predecessors; it's green, high-tech, and actually has a touch of class, unlike the previous generation, which should be banished to Miami. The Hummer EV has proven to be so popular that it recently hit an impressive milestone: GMC hit 90,0000 reservations of this enormous brute, and with 90 percent of those reservations turning into actual sales, GMC is smiling all the way to the bank. There's one big issue, though: it can't build them quickly enough. To control demand, GMC has now officially halted reservations for the Hummer EV until it can figure out a plan.

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Demand for the Hummer EV remains sky-high, despite a significant price increase back in July, and GMC simply can not keep up. In a statement, GMC spokesman Mikhael Farah said that the massive demand "has led to over 90,000 reservations for both pickup and SUV, and we're excited to say this incredible demand has led to Hummer EV reservations being fully booked at this time."

According to Farah, reservations are equally split between the SUV and truck. Both vehicles are manufactured at Factory Zero in Detroit.

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Since its initial launch, the Hummer EV has been massively popular, with the first example, aptly named 'Edition 1,' selling out within hours. The Edition 1 wasn't cheap: prices started at $105,595. "We've been building the Edition 1 and shipping those out. So a small amount of those has been put out in the market. We have 90,000 people in line to get a Hummer. We're building and shipping daily from Factory Zero, and when the brand can reopen the order banks, we'll let people know. There will be more to come," Farah said.

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The 90,0000 reservations include the Edition 1, EV 2, which goes for $84,650, the EV 2X, priced at $94,650, and the top-of-the-line EV 3X, which sells for a significant $104,650. If you already have a reservation, get ready for a long wait: according to GMC, some keen customers will only take delivery early in 2024. With up to 830 horsepower on tap, and enough torque to reverse the rotation of planet Earth, we wouldn't mind a bit of a wait, but this is ridiculous.

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Source Credits: Detroit Free Press

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