GMC Truck Causes Tesla Model 3 To Roll In Hit And Run

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Police are using photos taken from the Model 3's integrated dashcam to help track down the driver.

The Tesla Model 3 has a stellar safety reputation, having earned a five-star rating with the NHTSA. Elon Musk even claimed the NHTSA's tests show the Model 3 "has the lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested." This bold claim was recently put to the test when the driver of a Model 3 got caught up in a horrific hit and run accident this month.

On December 14 in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, the driver of a black GMC pickup caused a massive accident involving two cars, one of which was a Tesla Model 3.

CH Police

Salt Lake City's Fox13Now reports that witnesses saw the GMC truck being driven recklessly and attempt to illegally pass several cars. The truck side-swiped the Model 3, causing it to smash into another car in the adjacent lane. Both vehicles were forced off the road and rolled over.

The truck then fled the scene and the suspect is still at large. A photo from the scene of the accident shows the Tesla Model 3 resting on its side after rolling down a ditch. Despite the severity of the accident, everyone survived and no one was seriously injured. Five people were treated at the scene according to Fox13Now.

CH Police
CH Police

Local police are now on the hunt for the GMC hit and run driver. In a Twitter post, Cottonwood Heights Police have released photos of the GMC truck, which appears to be either a black GMC Canyon or GMC Sierra 1500, that caused the crash taken from the Model 3's TeslaCam integrated dashcam system.

Unfortunately, the quality of the video isn't great as the license plate number isn't visible. The full video also hasn't been released online yet. According to police, the truck has damage to the passenger side from the sideswipe so it should be easy to identify. Let's hope it doesn't take long for police to catch up with the hit-and-run suspect and bring them to justice.
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