Gnarly Surfboard Inspired by Peugeot's Onyx

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One of the coolest concepts ever made has been used as inspiration for an equally cool surfboard.

Peugeot will be tempting Goodwood Festival of Speed revelers to its stand by giving them a free surf session on its Flowrider Surf Machine. The French carmaker insists the exhilaration of surfing is akin to driving its new 208 GTi, which will also be on display. While we ponder how that can possibly be true, the Peugeot Design Lab has been hard at work creating a unique GTi Surboard Concept, inspired by the aforementioned hot-hatch, as well as the new RCZ R and Onyx Concept that will also be appearing at the FoS.

A 'coupe franche' (clean cut) design splits the board in two. Traditional natural wood of a classic surfboard features on the leading edge nose, while a carbon-fiber tailpiece forms a high-tech shape. It also sports quad fins and the 'Peugeot GTi" brand signature embellished on the wood. The Goodwood FoS will run from July 11-14. Remember to bring your wet suit.

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