Go 251mph in the Underground Racing Lambo Gallardo Twin-Turbo

Underground Racing

The UR Lambo Gallardo drag strip champion, three years in the making and hitting all the right notes.

CarBuzz favorites DragTimesInfo runs a drag strip in Russia and said strip showcases some of the craziest supercars on the planet. A record-breaking Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Underground Racing Race Version recently did 251mph on the course and is one of the most impressive things we have seen from Moscow Unlim. The UR Gallardo was running on VP Q16 fuel, enabling its ferocious plant to send 1,500hp to the wheels. Even more impressive is that total output is measured between 1,700-1,800hp.

Check out the action-packed 6 minute documentary below as Dmitry Samorukov goes for glory in his Underground Racing twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo. On a side note, apparently the Russians love Smash Mouth during their awards ceremony.

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Wearing a set of Hoosier R6A high-performance wheels, the Gallardo ran a record-setting mile time of 23.861 seconds at 240.84mph. The record top speed set after the mile mark was an incredible 251mph.