Go Behind the Scenes of an Exotic Car Auction

It really is as awesome as you'd imagine.

Automotive auctions happen all the time, but RM Auction events are without a doubt some of the most exclusive. This is where multimillion dollar transactions take place as wealthy buyers from across the globe come to place their bids (or over the phone) for rare and very special cars not found anywhere else. Want a Ferrari 250 GTO? This is the place. Evo recently went behind the scenes of the upcoming RM Auction in London that’ll take place next week on September 8.

Evo founder Harry Metcalfe gives a guided tour of the RM Auctions’ storage facility where you’ll see everything from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to a Jaguar XJ220. Clearly this isn’t your typical car lot. The video itself is just over 30 minutes long, but it’s really worth your time. Check it out.

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