Go for a Mountain Spin in a Rare Lancia Stratos HF

There's absolutely nothing else quite like this car.

It was one of the defining exotic cars of the 1970s. The Lancia Stratos literally had everything: it was beautifully designed by Marcello Gandini during his time at Bertone, boasted rally racing roots, and a way of handling unlike anything else on the road. Just 492 road going versions were made between 1972 and 1974. It weighed 2,161 lbs. and was powered by a Ferrari-built Dino V6. Owning a Stratos has always been special and it’s clearly not a car you see every day.

Sadly, many owners park their Stratos in a temperature controlled garage and call it a day. The Stratos is meant to be driven, and our friend and car spotter Marchettino had the rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of one. This wasn’t just some short spin on a driveway. Marchettino takes it where it belongs: twisty mountain roads.

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