Go For A Ride Around Town In A Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT

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And then head to the track for drifting with friends. Not a bad day.

It's always good to hear progress reports about interesting car projects, especially those non-OEM. But there was a particular one that had our full attention from the beginning, Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT4586. This is no ordinary Toyota GT. Tuerck managed to find a way to stuff a Ferrari 458 Italia's 4.5-liter V8 into the small coupe originally powered by a 2.0-liter boxer four. We're almost certain Ferrari disapproves, but whatever. And now Tuerck has provided an update about this Frankenstein-like project.

Not only is the GT4586 fully street legal, but Tuerck figured it'd be only appropriate to drive it around his hometown in New Hampshire. First stop: his mom's restaurant for breakfast, followed by ice cream and, later on, sandwich delivery following a lake swim.

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And, of course, the GT4586 receives plenty of attention from people who can't figure out what the hell it actually is. What's audibly clear is that it's loud. Not at all shockingly, someone calls the police to complain. The police don't care. All they want is to hear Tuerck hit the throttle. The day ends with a trip to the track for some drifting with friends. Of course there's some tire shredding.

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