Go For a Ride in the Ultimate Pagani Zonda

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Get ready for the best sound you'll hear all day.

We all know and love the Pagani Zonda. It's just one of those cars that are impossible to hate. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Pagani plans to build any more due to the arrival of the Huayra. While the latter is also absolutely incredible, the Zonda was the Italian automaker's first production car and it helped set today's supercar standard. And now our good friend Shmee150 had the rare opportunity to not only see the Zonda "Nonna", but also go for one thrilling ride.

However, this is no ordinary Zonda (as if "ordinary" can even be used to describe the car), as it's the second Zonda ever built. It's been heavily upgraded over the past 14 years and now has over 680,000 miles on the clock. It has the bodywork from the Zonda Cinque and it's V12 is good for 760 horsepower.

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