Go For a Spin in the Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Ideally at a venue as beautiful as Pebble Beach.

Jaguar has officially entered a new era of awesome and is no longer willing to rely solely on the wonderful legacy of its past. The time has come to start building a better future, hence the new F-Type roadster and coupe. Soon we’ll have the BMW 3 Series-fighting XE. There’s also a new division within the automaker called Special Operations tasked with making already amazing cars even better. Its inaugural car is the F-Type Project 7. This isn’t just some F-Type roadster with a revised front end and cool body decals.

Quite the contrary. The Project 7 is the fastest production car ever made by Jaguar. And now it has arrived on US soil. Motor Trend’s Justin Bell gets behind the wheel at the beautiful California shores of Pebble Beach to see what Jaguar’s future holds.

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