Go to a Mall and See 5 Lamborghinis

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Because that's how they roll in Miami.

Forget The Gap, American Eagle, or any other typical clothing store you'll find in just about every mall out there. Ignore the food court too. What you'd really prefer to see are some cool cars put on display by a local dealership. Typically you'll see the latest Ford, Chevy, or whatever family car that currently has some sales promotion. This isn't the case in Miami, Florida, however. Lamborghini Miami has put on display not one, but five Lambos for all to see at the Aventura mall. There's even a gold painted Aventador.

It's pretty cool viewing, but not nearly as cool as watching them being driven carefully through the mall. One guy attached some cameras to the Italian supercars as they're driven from their inside parking spots to the trailer outside that'll take them back to the dealership. Check out the precision driving here:

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