2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

Go to the Tokyo Auto Salon and You'll See These Goofy Hondas

And you thought Kei cars were weird.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is basically the Japanese equivelant of the SEMA show. And when you mix Japanese domestic cars with custom jobs, strange things happen. And now Honda has revealed its 2015 list of strange. But before we go any further, everyone should be aware of the Japanese Kei car. They’ve been around for years and the Japanese love them. They’re small and efficient cars ideal for crowded city driving. They look pretty funky straight from the factory and Honda has modified a few of its own for the show.

First up is the Mugen N-Box Slash Concept. It’s red and looks like a box on wheels. It also has some "Route 16" graphics and flame decals shooting out from the headlights. It does have a center-mounted dual-exhaust system. So there’s that. The rest of the lineup consists of the N-One Relax concept, the N-Box Splash Cyber Code:89 concept, the Samantha Thavasa Vezel, which is clearly targeted at women, and the N-Box Slash Barbie. Yes, Barbie. As in the doll. Perhaps the most interesting, if that’s even the best word, is the Mugen Honda Legend, AKA the Acura RLX. There’s even an Odyssey 20th anniversary edition.

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