God's Corvette Was Parked Illegally In The Most Sacred Spot On Earth And Hasn't Received A Ticket

Seriously, the owner remains a mystery.

For over a week now, a yellow Chevrolet C6 Corvette has been illegally parked in a lot next to the Western Wall compound in Jerusalem. Its owner remains a mystery, although Israeli police allegedly know the person’s identity and have so far refused to make it public. But here’s the thing: despite the illegal park job, no ticket or any other citation has been issued. In fact, the Corvette is even missing the legally required front license plate.

What’s more, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, which provides the very few parking permits available, claims it never issued a permit for the car in the first place. The police are not answering the local media’s questions regarding why no attempt is being made to identify the owner, how the car was allowed to park in the first place without the front plate, and whether or not someone received preferential parking treatment for an area normally reserved for only a few local residents and the disabled. Perhaps the truth comes from somewhere up above. Hap tip to Moti. Photos courtesy of Edi Israel.

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