God Save the Queen's Car

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"One careful lady owner" sold her 2001 Super V8 LWB limousine at auction recently for 45,000 quid.

The Queen recently put one of her less valuable treasures on the market. Her majesty's Super V8 LWB Daimler limousine was sold to a mystery auction buyer who paid £45,000 for a small taste of royalty. The car only had only 15,242 miles on it, of which 11,000 was used by the Queen from 2001 until 2004. The buyer probably like's their car on the girly side, as one of its main features is an armrest coupled with a sliding holder that was specifically designed for the Queen's handbag.

Along with the vehicles original tires, the limo also features an ashtray that houses security light controls, blue flashing strobe lights occupying front fog lamp inserts, and alternate flashing headlamps and rear lights. There are also a pair of neon blue lights near the rear view mirror that were used to signal which vehicle the Queen was traveling in upon reaching her destination. The inside flooring is made with deep lamb wool floor rugs. We are guessing that this is one car sold by a Queen and possibly bought by a Queen of an all together different ilk. Hat Tip to Paul Fornanko.

Source Credits: historics.co.uk

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