God Told Pat Robertson it's Cool to Drive a Vette 100 mph on Public Roads

But it's still a sin to hurt people.

We never considered TV evangelic and professional fruitcake Pat Robertson to be an authority on automotive safety, or anything automotive for that matter. And yet here he is, on his bonkers TV show explaining to his gullible TV viewers the joys of driving 100 mph in his Corvette. He also apparently likes to drive around the Charlotte Motor Speedway in a stock car. But on the same token, according to Robertson, "it’s a sin to hurt somebody. I think it’s a sin to drive recklessly…if your driving imperials other people, you are sinning, there’s no question about it."

Wow, thanks Pat. You’re obviously no sinner, and using your so-called celebrity status to get out of tickets is also certainly not a shining example of nutcase hypocrisy.

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