Godfather Lincolns Heading to Auction

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Fans of The Godfather and early 1940s Lincolns should register to bid at the forthcoming Bonhams Scottsdale auction.

A pair of 1941 Lincolns that featured in the award-winning 1972 mafia flick The Godfather will be crossing the auction block this month at Bonham's Stockdale Auction. The 1941 Lincoln Custom Limousine is one of just 295 built that year and boasts one of the marque's most distinctive body styles, and the 1941 Continental Coupe is also a limited production automobile distinguished by its long and low body. But it's their claim to cinema fame that makes them such attractive propositions to car collecting enthusiasts.

The V12-powered Continental Coupe featured in the infamous tollbooth scene where Mafioso heir-apparent Sonny Corleone meets a bloody end at the hands of Tommy Gun-wielding soldiers who dutiful riddle his, and the Lincoln's, body with bullets. Thankfully the Contintental survived the onslaught having been supplanted at the toll booth by a pair of coupes for the fusillade scene, one of which was generously drilled with .45 slugs. It's owner, Eugene Beardslee, maintained the car's Godfather black paint and blue leather and cloth interior, and along with the 1941 Lincoln Custom Limousine that featured in the movie's wedding scene, has been preserved in climate controlled storage ever since.

Bonham's have not given a pre-auction estimate for the movie cars that are being offered without reserve. The auction will take place on 17 January at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottsdale.

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