Godzilla Fanboys Are Going To Love This: Nissan GT-R R34 Vs R35

Time for father and son to face off.

Today’s Nissan R35 GT-R is a very different car from its immediate predecessor, the R34. The R35 is a technological powerhouse. Nothing is analog. And with the 2017 model receiving a significant facelift, Nissan opted to focus more on comfort and convenience than in any previous Godzilla. And, damn, is it fast. Perhaps a bit too fast for some to handle. But what about the R34? Launched in 1999 and sold through 2002, this Godzilla, like all others before it, never made it stateside.

Those who could buy them knew they were getting something special. Six-speed manual? Check. Hydraulic and not electric steering? Oh yeah. Point being is that those who crave control will appreciate the R34 more so than the R35. Auto Express proved this very point when they got behind the wheel of both Godzillas for a direct comparison.

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