Godzilla has Nothing on the Flame-Throwing Octopus Car

The Octopus reminds us of a Cthulhu-esque supervillian the good guy fights a the end of an action movie.

The Burning Man Art Conference and Business Workshop isn't necessarily about burning men as it is about experimenting with dr... arts and business. In any case, the annual event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada features a program about 'Mutant Vehicles.' Past entrants have included a Pink Bunny Slipper Car, La Contessa Pirate Ship, Catbus and Triceratops mobile.

The greatest and latest car to adorn the Burning Man spectacle was the awesome flame-throwing Octopus Car titled the Steampunk Octopus or in Spanish, El Pulpo Mechanico (we know it's not a direct translation). In addition to some awesome fireball-producing tentacles, the Octopus' arms move and has eyes that pop out of its head. Photos courtesy of Burning Mam.

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