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Godzilla's Back With A Vengeance: This Is The 2017 Nismo GT-R

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The GT-R has never looked better.

With all the buzz around the extensively upgraded 2017 Nissan GT-R as of late (amplified by the hordes of "First Drive" reviews flooding the Internet), it's perhaps easy to forget that it's not the only new Godzilla around. Nissan's skunkworks has also been hard at work on improving the ridiculously brisk Nismo version. Now we get our very first look at the nip-and-tuck tweaks given to the new R35 flagship that's due to go on sale just before the year draws to a close. So what is new and exciting here?

Chassis-wise, there's nothing hugely radical that the 2017 MY Nissan GT-R Nismo brings to the road rocket party, though the little improvements it does feature all add up to a hopefully big step up. Though the twin-turbocharged, 600-hp 3.8-liter V6 remains untouched, Nissan has confirmed the facelifted GT-R Nismo will feature improved stability and corner speeds, courtesy of additional chassis bracing, revised shock absorbers and an ever-so-mild increase in front and rear aerodynamic downforce. All in all, they should result in the new GT-R Nismo being a marginally faster car than the one it replaces. And that's before the racier "N-Attack" package comes into play.

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Other upgrades to the 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo mostly focus on the interior and exterior revisions that played such a crucial part of the standard car's major facelift. The front grille is now far broader than before, and the aggressive Nismo front bumper now incorporates the revisions made to the regular car. Likewise, the interior is now befitting of a car we highly expect will retail for marginally more than the outgoing car's $150,000 MSRP, this thanks to the decluttered center console, swish touch screen interface and multi-function steering wheel design. Not to mention, of course, the swathes of Alcantara and those deliciously bolstered bucket seats. Fingers crossed the new GT-R Nismo is as brilliant as its spec sheet suggests.