2012 New York Auto Show

Going After Cadillac: 2013 Lincoln MKZ to Have Retractable Roof

Get ready for the first production Lincoln that offers a retractable glass roof.

If you can recall just a few months back at the Detroit Auto Show, Lincoln was anxious to show the auto world just what they had in mind for their desperately-needed revival. The result was the very well-received MKZ Concept which featured a nifty panoramic glass roof. In many cases, a feature such as that will only make it from the initial drawing board to the auto show concept. Making it to the production version? Not a chance.

However, Lincoln needs to show the world they still know how to make luxury cars and if they want to be a player in that segment once again, they need to make major leaps forward. Specifically, it's vital for them to appeal to a younger crowd in both North America and Europe. And now it's been reported that this glass roof design has been in development for several years at Lincoln. It's now ready to hit the market and Lincoln plans on debuting it on the all-new MKZ. Lincoln stated back in January that this roof is designed to give passengers a real open-air experience and is constructed in a way that doesn't interfere with safety.

What's interesting is that Lincoln hired away former Cadillac chief designer Max Wolff in order to give the struggling brand a much-needed dose of styling adrenaline. The MKZ will be his first production car and it will be making its official debut at the New York Auto Show next month. Photos displayed are of the Lincoln MKZ Concept.

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