Going For Top Speed Coffee Runs In An Audi R8 Seems Like Fun

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You're in the middle of the desert. You run out of coffee. You have an Audi R8. Do the math.

Jeremy Clarkson once painted us a pretty bleak picture of the social life of an Audi R8 driver. Sure it's a supercar, but its mechanical nature and all-wheel drive system ensured that no driver had to fear for their lives when taking corners quickly. Instead, the R8 was for the type of adventurer who enjoys predictability, the one who goes to an exotic location but never leaves the resort. But that was back before the punch that got Top Gear's three incumbent presenters kicked out of the BBC and into the hands of Amazon happened.

Things have changed for Audi since then. Now, the Audi R8 is a vicious enough machine to give the Lamborghini Huracan a run for its money, not just in terms of sheer performance, but on the playing field involving driver emotion.

This new advertisement by Audi encapsulates the shift perfectly. Instead of seeing a boring businessman behind the wheel, we see a renegade, an outcast from society who has decided to live on the fringes in Death Valley, Nevada. In the desolate house (which happens to be an Air BnB you can book and comes with a drive in the R8 V10 Plus), running out of coffee means a dirt-slinging ride to the local cafe, and what a ride it is. For the millionaires reading: this is a perfect getaway if you're sick of people.

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