Going Green Will Save You a Lot of Green

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French automaker Renault is clearly focusing their efforts on building the world's most fuel efficient lineup. Beginning in the UK, they will soon be launching three separate EVs that can help owners save money.

If you live in the UK, Renault is offering 3 zero emission vehicles that will save you £5,000. Officially announced this week, the Kangoo Van Z.E., Twizy quadricycle and the Fluence Z.E. (coming in 2012) will be eligible for a £5,000 grant due to their status as plug-ins. These pure-electric cars require owners to lease the lithium-ion batteries, which run £75 ($120 dollars) per month based on 6,000 miles/3 years.

The batteries net a driving range of 115 miles. The Fluence Z.E.'s electric motor puts out 95hp and 167 lb-ft of torque. Renault's launch model, Prime Time, features climate control, cruise control, TomTom nav system, ecoMeter, charging sockets on both front wings and 16 inch alloy wheels. According to Renault, the Fluence Z.E. is said to be the most affordable car in England, as the four-door, five seat sedan is priced at £22,850. After the £5,000 UK Plug-In Car Grant the price drops to £17,850 ($28,500 dollars). Renault is currently accepting pre-orders for the sedan with a £20 reserve.

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