Going Once... Simon Cowell to Auction His Bugatti

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American Idol creator will auction his all-black Veyron 16.4 in Scottsdale, Arizona

What does a British multi-millionaire do when he gets tired of the European supercar he's been driving in America? Simon Cowell, music producer and creator of hit reality TV series like American Idol, X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, enjoyed 1,300 miles on his pre-owned Bugatti Veyron 16.4, but has now decided to give it up for auction through upscale auctioneer firm Barrett-Jackson.

With only a few of these black supercars roaming America's road, the car is expected to be an immediate hit at auction, where it will be offered with a full factory warranty and a special bargain: a new set of tires. Cowell's Veyron was originally bought in Beverly Hills, and has been driven almost exclusively by the 54 year old TV star. A well-known car enthusiast, Cowell has also made guest appearances on Top Gear.

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