Going Stupid Sideways In A BMW E30 325i Is Much Easier Than You Think

Nothing like a rally-prepped 25-year-old Bimmer.

So you may be asking yourself why all of the sudden interest in the BMW E30 lately? Well, that interest has been entirely focused on one particular E30, the original M3. Over just the past few years alone they’ve gone up in value considerably. But there’s another old E30 trim that’s not only a lot of fun to drive but can often be bought for only a few hundred bucks. That would be the E30 325i. Durable, reliable and rear-wheel-drive. In other words, an ideal rally car. That’s it in a nutshell.

Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa not only gets behind the wheel of a rally-prepped 325i but he also has his 325i Touring wagon raced against a new 2016 340i M-Sport. Sometimes the best cars are the older ones, the so-called classics.

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