Going to Boxy Heaven: Honda Kills Element

Honda has recently released a press statement saying that they intend to kill the Element. The reason why the quirky, boxy, crossover is being shelved is because of its seven year streak of declining U.S. sales. Officially, the Element will be dropped after the 2011 model year, during which Honda will be scoping the scene to see how it can replace the failed vehicle.

Initially, the Element appealed to consumers who were active and had outdoor lifestyles. It then became popular with active, empty-nest Baby Boomers and retirees, whose average age was a far departure from Honda's demographic target. Even the "dog friendly" version with grippy, bone patterned floor mats and a cargo area set up for a dog carrier wasn't enough to help the sinking car. So we'll leave it at that, and let this be a lesson that boxy designs look good on paper but not in reality.

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