Gold Infiniti Hopes to Lure Jewelry Buyers

As China continues to become a country with more and more wealthy young people, there will be a market for countless over-the-top, expensive items. Whether its Lamborghinis (even smashed ones) or clothing, China is clearly in the bulls eye for companies looking to push their pricey products. In this case, the owners of a high-end jewelry store in Nanjing, China, are hoping to lure customers inside the store by displaying an Infiniti G37 coupe covered with a layer of gold.

However, being what China is, there was a problem with the local authorities. Apparently, the public display didn't go as planned because authorities soon discovered that the car did not have numbered plates, meaning the owners have so far failed to pay the road car taxes. The owners of the jewelry store reportedly have 10 days to pay these taxes or the car will be sent to the crusher. Photos courtesy of STR/AFP/Getty Images.

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