Gold-Plated Lamborghini Aventador: There Can Be Only One

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Real gold used to trim body and cabin.

It doesn't matter how outlandish your aftermarket request is, a company can be found to fulfil it. Case in point: this uniquely-styled Lamborghini Aventador. The one-off Raging Bull is the work of Dubai-based Maatouk Design London, who were asked to detail the Italian supercar in gold-plated accents both inside and out by Qatari businessman Mr. Jaber Bin Abdallah Al Hmaidi, who no doubt has some extremely deep pockets.

Maatouk DesignVideo Maatouk Design via Youtube

The firm behind the precious metal transformation is more accustomed to designing shields for presidents and souvenir antiques for kings, but they occasionally get asked to work on cars. Opinion will be divided on whether the result looks class or crass, but there's no debating the quality of the craftsmanship.

Maatouk DesignVideo Maatouk Design via Youtube

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