Golden Touch: Ford Mustang Hard Top Convertible by Adjwok Design

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Adjwok Design unveils an golden orange Ford Mustang hard top convertible that's limited to only 300 units.

Malta-based automotive engineering and product design company Adjwok Design has recently unveiled its hard top convertible conversion for the current Ford Mustang. Adjwok Design offers a Mercedes SL style RHT roof, which is an automatic retractable hardtop roof, along with a modified interior and custom paint job. Some interesting additional options include a designer leather luggage set and coat hangers (no joke).

This golden-orange Adjwok Ford Mustang Hard Top Convertible is set as a limited edition that will produce only 300 units and will run production only in 2012. The Mustang pictured here is the 5.0 GT. Overall, we like the way it looks, but for the price (keep reading) the standard soft top fits the bill just fine. The hard top will be available in either standard four-seat configuration or in two-seat roadster form. Conversion pricing for the standard version begins at $14,995 and $16,995 for the two-seat roadster version.

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